Anti-wrinkle, Filler and Skin Care Treatments


KP Aesthetics is located in Hale, Altrincham in Manchester and we specialise in providing the best aesthetic treatments to help enhance your appearance and confidence. Our clinic offers FDA-approved treatments such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, laser, skin care, acne treatments, and peels. Our focus is on combining luxury with clinical expertise to provide a safe and effective experience for our clients. All of our treatments are thoroughly checked for safety before being administered.

We pride ourselves on delivering safe & effective treatments in a caring and responsive clinical environment. We are, therefore, CQC Registered.

The role of the CQC (Care Quality Commission) as an independent regulator is to register health and adult social care service providers in England and to check standards are being met via inspections and continuous monitoring. This ensures health and social care services are safe, of a high-quality, effective and compassionate all whilst being legally sound.

We have chosen to be regulated by the CQC to ensure that patients are confident that we deliver high quality services that safeguard both the practitioner and patient and that our clinic prioritises their safety, health and wellbeing.

Our latest inspection report can be seen below.



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