Using the Observ 520x we will be able to take a deeper look at your skin.

Your skin treatment journey with KP Aesthetics will soon start with a consultation to discuss your concerns and for us to recommend the best treatment program for you

When visiting for a skin consultation, treatment or review our clinical team will conduct a thorough skin analysis using the latest in advanced skin analysis technology.


Using the OBSERV 520 skin scanner we will be able to discover your skin health.

We can highlight the surface of the skin cutting out any light refracted from the lower levels of the epidermis. this helps us to see the skin’s texture, enlarges pores, fine lines, comedones and much more.

We can discover underlying Pigmentation, whether from Sun Damage, Hormonal, or Genetic, it is clearly visible from a deeper level that what you see in the mirror.

Conditions like Rosacea, Diffused Redness, Thread Veins, Couperose, Inflammation can also be diagnosed.

In addition to the 3 main domains mentioned, the Observ can also help to highlight oily or dry skin types, by using one of the Ultra Violet modes Free Flow Oil, and Blackheads become instantly visible.


5 Minutes


30 Minutes