polynucleotides treatment manchester

The new concept of biostimulation treatment in Manchester. 

Plinest is the new line of natural polynucleotide-based bio stimulating gels, with a high viscosity, for protecting and rejuvenating the skin. 

The Polynucleotides HPT PRIMING prepares the skin and makes it more receptive to medical aesthetic, and anti-ageing treatments. It generates a synergistic effect with ; laser, radiofrequency, fillers, peeling, needling and surgery


About Polynucleotides


The new ‘fish on the block’ in aesthetics is Plinest. Derived from trout DNA extract, the treatment came from stem cell regenerative medicine where it has been found to have high levels of DNA extract closely aligned to human DNA.

This treatment is so versatile that it can address several issues in different parts of the face and body that normally would have required a cocktail of treatments and products. It does this by being able to make the cells turn back the clock and behave like younger cells that ‘know exactly what to do’.

The Problem

Ageing skin loses its elasticity causing wrinkles to develop. This can be accelerated due to stress, inflammation and pollution. Melanocytes are also damaged resulting in areas of increased and decreased pigmentation. Skin health can also be compromised by many factors leading to Acne, Rosacea, red veins and dullness.

Heavy upper lids, lax under eye areas, tear troughs causing  dark circles, forehead, crow’s feet, mid and lower face and neck can all be treated with Plinest. Hair loss also responds, as do all areas of skin over the whole body, such as inner arms, tummies and knees. Acne scarring, stretch marks, Rosacea and inflammation have all been seen improve with Plinest.

How it Works

Salmon trout sperm extract has been shown to increase the metabolic activity of skin cells and increase the number of fibroblasts and myofibroblasts, producing even more collagen. The results in an improvement in skin tightness and thickness, acne, pigmentation, red veins, Rosacea and inflammation.

The highly purified extract (that can even be used on those who have fish allergies) is injected into the skin using a local anaesthetic. This causes small blebs on the skin that usually disappear within 3 days. Sometimes a cannula can be used to reduce the down time and potential bruising.


45 Minutes




24 Hours




Mild redness, bruising and swelling


£250 per session - Course of 3 treatments £600


FAQs about plINEST in manchester

Treatment with Plinest usually takes about 45 minutes. We recommend a course of 3 sessions for best results and the effect will become noticeable within 8 weeks after full treatment is completed. 

Results last between 6-9 months, at which point another course of treatment is recommended to maintain the effect.

Small bumps will appear on the skin after treatment, so you might choose to avoid work until they have subsided. These bumps should go down within 24-36 hours of treatment.
Results last between 6-9 months, at which point another course of treatment is recommended to maintain the effect.