5 Top Skin Care Tips for Glowing Summer Skin

Everyone prepares for the sunny seasons in their own way. For some it will begin with gradual tanning moisturisers (no streaks please!) for others it may be a new hair cut or highlights to give the sun-bleached look; for many clients at KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham, it means having long lasting super smooth skin with laser hair removal. From aesthetic treatments to the everyday decisions we can make for our skin’s health, I want to share the best ways we can prepare our skin for summer, looking particularly at getting that picture-perfect summer glow.

Food Glorious Food

Eat well: live longer. We are all familiar with the process. Dedicated television programmes and articles in our favourite magazines implore us to take up the rape seed oil, put down the refined sugars, and see the benefits of a healthy, well-balanced diet. It is usually target towards our insides – they are very important after all – but what of our skin? Well, there’s plenty of research out there that supports the promotion of beautiful skin with particular foods, in fact, we have looked at it in detail in previous blogs.

The ageing process, amongst other lifestyle factors can cause loss of luminosity to the skin. Fortunately, foods high in vitamin A, B, and C are particularly effective in restoring it. Oily fish, eggs, carrots, spinach, citrus fruits, broccoli, mushrooms, seeds and nuts should all be added to your shopping list.


It should be a part of your daily skin care routine. There are many expensive exfoliation gadgets promising to be the best but you can get the results you’re looking for with a clean cotton cloth. Using lukewarm water, make gentle circular motions to massage the skin. The process removes dead skin cells which can cause our complexion to appear dull, leaving us with replenished skin and a natural glow.

Stay Hydrated

Begin your day with a glass of water. Dehydration which occurs overnight (particularly on these warmer nights) will cause the skin to look dull, dry, and increase the chances of breakouts. During the day we should always be conscious of keeping hydrated, especially if we are moving from air-conditioned cars, to air-conditioned offices which will further dry out our skin.

SPF Moisturiser

Clients at KP Aesthetics will often ask how they can best support their skin and slow the visible signs of ageing from home. The first answer is, always apply an SPF product to the face – even on dull days. Sun damage is the greatest catalyst to ageing where harmful UV rays enable free radical to wreak havoc on our skin causing lines and wrinkles, a leathery texture, and a loss of luminosity.

Aesthetic Treatments to Target Loss of Luminosity

There are a number of factors which contribute to the loss of luminosity to our skin; lifestyle choices, our environment, the ageing process. The brightness of our skin is something associated with health and youthfulness, and at KP Aesthetics we have a number of treatments which can promote natural luminosity.

ZO® has a range of innovative and highly effective premium prescription strength skin care products which work directly to enhance the natural luminosity of the skin. Profhilo is a treatment often opted for by patients after consultation. Injected into the skin, the serum remodels ageing tissue returning radiance and firmness to the skin. Dermapen, or skin needling uses the body’s natural healing abilities to encourage the breakdown of old collagen and production of new collagen. Also popular for revitalising skin is Platelet Rich Plasma treatment. Your own blood plasma, rich in growth factors, is reinjected into the skin to stimulate collagen production and promote youthful, glowing skin.

I believe that everyone deserves to feel wonderful in their own skin. If you would like to discuss any of my aesthetic treatments to get that glow in time for summer, please get in touch to have a free and friendly consultation.