Luxury, Bespoke, and Feel Good; Three of the Best Anti-Ageing Treatments

The modern aesthetics industry is increasingly paving the way for anti-ageing treatments which are non-surgical, non-invasive, and pain free, with a myriad of relaxation and wellness benefits.

Pioneering clinics, such as KP Aesthetics, recognise that every individual has unique skincare needs which cannot be met by prescribing a ‘one size fits all’ solution. Tailored consultations, care packages and treatments provide compact skincare solutions in a nurturing and relaxing environment.

The following procedures have been designed to make skin both look and feel rejuvenated and revitalised with minimal discomfort to the client.

Bespoke Facials

People don’t often need an excuse to indulge in a little spa therapy; and now they can enjoy this pastime while taking advantage of the many anti-ageing properties that a relaxing facial can offer.

Specially crafted massage techniques can reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles by stimulating the circulation of blood towards the surface the skin. Massaging the muscles in the face prevents new wrinkle formations by increasing collagen production; a natural protein in the body which improves skin elasticity.

KP Aesthetics recently launched a new range of bespoke facials. Desired aesthetic results can be achieved through a variety of techniques and procedures; including intricate sculpting rituals and multi-purpose massages using organic and vegan products.

Profhilo Treatment

Profhilo is a brand new non-surgical facelift treatment which works to eradicate wrinkles completely rather than just ‘fill them in.’ The treatment uses pure Hyaluronic acid to nourish dermal cells and restore skin firmness from within.

The treatment requires only two sessions over a period of four weeks for results to become visible. Profhilo can be used to treat several areas, including; the décolletage, full face (including the area around the eyes), hands and neck.

This procedure can provide a real confidence boost to clients in a relatively short space of time with minimal discomfort or disruption to daily life.

Some women find that their self-esteem is affected by the natural effects that ageing has on the skin. Taking time out to of enjoy the benefits of self-care aesthetics is a veritable treat for the mind and body as well as the skin.

Luxury Skin Peels

The process of ageing takes a visible toll on the skin; with blemishes, fine-lines and uneven tones all becoming more noticeable with the passing of time. Chemical peels can offer a way to combat these factors in a timely and cost-effective manner.

Uniquely tailored chemical peels work by resurfacing, reworking and remodelling the skin. And whilst there are a variety of peels available at clinics around the UK, they all vary in strength and depth, so it’s vital that you consult with a qualified practitioner.

If clients are seeking a non-abrasive treatment which is kind and gentle to the skin, then Enerpeel is recommended due to its unique application. It works from the inside out by delivering treatments deep into the skin, unlike traditional chemical peels. It does not leave any rashes, marks or blemishes and its unique formula works to rejuvenate the skin by reducing the signs of aging.


Five Positive Impacts Good Hydration Has on Your Body

Hardly a day goes by without a new superfood, exercise regime or diet fad sweeping the headlines. We are constantly bombarded with tips, tricks and techniques to improve our physical and mental wellbeing. But one of the healthiest habits we can adopt remains fuss free, cheap and readily available; good hydration.

Drinking water is essential for living a healthy and balanced life. It is one of the few things we can consume without laboriously checking labels for unwanted ingredients and additives. Our body uses water in a multitude of ways and relies on hydration to function properly. Technically, hydration can come from a variety of beverages (carbonated drinks included), but the best way to replace the fluid that our body naturally loses is by drinking pure water.

Here are just some of the ways good hydration can help us achieve optimal health.

Healthier Skin

Drinking water has firmly cemented itself in the celebrity hall of fame as a practical way to obtain flawless and fresh-looking skin. Ask any model, actor or body conscious person what the secret is to a flawless complexion and they will often praise hydration for its dermatological healing properties.

Water replenishes the cells in our skin and can help to rid the body of unwanted toxins. When we are dehydrated our skin becomes dry and flaky and features such as wrinkles and blemishes can become more pronounced due to decreased elasticity in the skin.

Many health practitioners recommend drinking 2 litres a day (around 8 medium sized glasses) to achieve a glowing and fresh-faced complexion.

Improved Mood

Hydration is credited for improving mood. Studies have shown that even mild dehydration can trigger anxious thoughts and fatigue. This is due to our cells functioning insufficiently on a molecular level, causing our subconscious to detect a possible threat to a survival. Dehydration has also been linked to an increase in levels of cortisol, a hormone that causes stress.

While drinking water cannot cure medical conditions such as depression and anxiety, it can certainly help to alleviate symptoms of stress. In an age of fast paced living, this can be of benefit to us all.

Weight Loss

Multiple surveys have found that many adults in the UK are on a diet ‘most of the time.’ It is hardly surprising then that companies often try to cash-in on our insecurities by persuading us to buy products that we do not need to lose weight.

However, the simple act of drinking water remains one of the most underrated tools for weight loss at our disposal. It helps to raise metabolism, improves our fat burning rate and acts as a natural appetite suppressant.

Consuming a recommended two litres per day can increase calorific burn by approximately 200 calories.

Heightened Detoxification

Water consumption helps our bodies to flush out waste through sweat and urination. When we are sufficiently hydrated, our body does not need to retain excess fluid, making it less susceptible to bloating and urinary tract infections.

Boost the Immune System

As the cold and dark nights start to get longer, many people will report feeling generally unwell or rundown. Light depravation can lead to SAD syndrome (Seasonal Affective Disorder).

One remedy for this is to drink more water, as good hydration has been proven to strengthen immune systems and general wellbeing.

Water carries oxygen to all the cells in our body and keeps muscles and organs functioning properly, allowing our immune system to work at full capacity. It also flushes out unwanted toxins and allows our cells to take in extra nutrients and nourishment.


In the Battle of Anti-Ageing Serums & Aesthetic Treatments, Who Wins?

Ageing is not a choice, but not looking our age can be. From KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham, I have the pleasure of delivering effective, innovative, and much-loved aesthetic treatments to some wonderful women and men looking to ‘turn back the clocks’ on their complexion. As a medical professional, I always want to understand the science behind each treatment so that my patients can be informed too. Similarly, I want to understand the science behind the over-the-counter alternatives, such as the ever-promising anti-ageing serums. Some herald ‘Botox in a bottle’, others boast tightening and brightening properties, and most have a celebrity heading their advertising campaigns – so surely they must do some good for our skin? This week, I want to take a look at serums and aesthetic treatment alternatives and where we should consider investing our money, and our trust.

What Causes our Ageing Complexion?

We aren’t talking about contributing factors here (sun damage, poor diet, smoking etc.), but what happens to our body to make our skin lose its youthfulness. It largely comes down to collagen. Collagen is the protein that supports the skin’s firmness and elasticity. As we age our collagen production slows down, new skin cells are no longer formed, our skin loses its luminosity and wrinkles appear. (It isn’t all doom and gloom, I promise!)

Do Anti-Ageing Serums Save Money?

When the high-end anti-ageing products cost just half as much as their injectable and medically licenced counterparts, and household brands are just a fraction of the price, it is understandable that many millions of men and women spend many billions on shop bought beauty products. It helps that they come in bright and beautiful bottles that promise bright and beautiful skin too. However, whilst we happily give over our hard earned cash to miracle serums, do we really register a difference to our skin or are we instead conditioned to believe that it should make a difference, therefore we stick with it?

The Science Behind Serums

Most serums will include a range of vitamins, antioxidants, and peptides. In fact, if you look at the ingredients list on the box or bottle of your go-to serum, you’ll probably see a whole list of weird and wonderful chemicals and the like. The thing to bear in mind when searching for a serum are the active ingredients because the serum is a topical treatment, to have any effect it needs to be full of the right stuff.

That specially formulated stuff includes Retinol, the active form of vitamin A. Retinol is something that our body produces naturally and is the essential vitamin for collagen production. Anti-oxidants such as green tea extract are known to protect the skin from UV damage and pollution and support the skin, as are pentapeptides which, like retinol, encourage collagen production. Dermatologists agree that serums including these components will benefit the skin somewhat, but we should not expect miracles – and certainly do not throw your money into the most expensive serums, with the same ingredients there will be no real difference between a £300 serum and a £30 alternative.

The Time for Aesthetic Treatments

Of course, you may question whether there is any bias involved in my response. I can only try to assure you that with my wealth of experience in the aesthetics industry, I am still amazed by the transformative and long-lasting results that aesthetic treatments can offer. Unlike serums, aesthetic treatments such as Botox, dermal fillers, and skin-needling can offer precise delivery to target particular areas of the skin that are showing the visible signs of ageing. In recent years, the stigma and misconceptions surrounding aesthetic treatment has been diluted and instead, the results of natural-looking beauty and an enormous lift in confidence are being celebrated.

Targeted, Specialised Aesthetic Treatments

The range of anti-ageing treatments available at KP Aesthetics is vast. Injectable treatments are always very popular, and for good reason. For example, anti-wrinkle injections or Botox prevent the formation of wrinkles by relaxing specific muscles in the face whilst dermal fillers, containing hyaluronic acid offer definition and volume and support a lasting youthful complexion. Chemical peels also offer full skin rejuvenation and can be tailored to your skin type. Whether you decide to have one treatment or multiple, bespoke aesthetic treatments can deliver beautiful results and restore a youthful complexion.

Price is often one of the deciding factors for serum or aesthetic treatment. At KP Aesthetics, we have taken this on board and can now offer our patients a monthly payment plan with 0% APR up to 12 months. You can learn more about our payment options here.

Hopefully this blog has given you a better idea of where to put your money or at least some food for thought. To discuss any of the treatments available at KP Aesthetics, or to book for your free consultation, get in touch today.

And as a last word, we may be leaving summer behind but the sun is powerful all year round – combat ageing every day with a good SPF!


Keep Hold of your Summer Shine – My Best Aesthetic Treatments for Glowing Skin

There may be a little while left of summer, but the rain is becoming ever more present, the school holidays are almost over, and we have just enjoyed (I hope!) the final bank holiday before Christmas and we the evenings are drawing in, so in essence it is goodbye to summer and time to embrace autumn. With that said, we certainly do not need to wave away our summer skin. This year has brought us lots of vitamin D goodness and I’m sure I can’t be the only one loving the summer glow of my skin.

As we move into the next season, it can feel as though that glow will stay behind along with the weekly BBQs, colourful cocktails, and an excuse for an afternoon snooze in the sun! At KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham, we deliver some of the most effective and most-loved aesthetic treatments available that can truly support beautiful, bright skin and we want to share some of them with you today.

Skin Needling with Dermapen

When it comes to brightening, tightening and rejuvenating the skin, you can dream a little dream of Dermapen. Dermapen, or skin needling, is one of the most recognised aesthetic treatments to support even, bright, and beautiful skin – meaning you can keep of hold of that summer glow. Skin needling with the Derma FNS Pen makes use of the body’s natural healing process. The Dermapen treatment involves making tiny punctures into the surface of the skin, thereby stimulating the breakdown of old collagen and the production of new collagen and elastin. These properties naturally lift the skin, and support an even skin tone and long-lasting luminosity. The micro-needles held by the Derma FNS Pen can be easily adjusted so that the treatment can be used to target even delicate areas such as around the eyes, with minimal discomfort.

Chemical Peels at KP Aesthetics

Not everyone’s skin enjoys summer. Those suffering from rosacea, acne, or those who have overdone the sun might find that skin problems are aggravated over the summer months. Whether it’s with the lines and wrinkles and loss of luminosity that have resulted from years of sun damage, or an aggravated skin condition, when our skin isn’t at its best, it can be really damaging to our confidence. Fortunately, with the range of chemical peels available at KP Aesthetics, that confidence can be easily restored at the same time as your skin is restored to being bright, tight, and beautiful. During a free consultation, we can discuss exactly what you want from your treatment and decide which peel will be most effective for your skin type.

Eye Spy Xela Rederm

Dark circles, sagging skin; when our skin loses its luminosity, it will often be most apparent around our eyes. That’s because the area is particularly delicate and the skin already thinner than elsewhere. Xela Rederm is a revolutionary treatment which delivered carefully to the eye area gives long-lasting hydration, protection against free radicals, and boosts the production of new collagen. The specially formulated solution of hyaluronic and succinic acid returns youthful volume, lasting luminosity and wrinkle-free skin to the eyes.

There you have it; three of the glow-giving treatments available at KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham. We may have bid adieu to the last bank holiday weekend before Christmas, but when you love your work like I do, it’s not so much of a bad thing. To book your free consultation, or to discuss any of the treatments mentioned in this blog, please do get in touch.


Safe, Subtle, Sublime: Why an Aesthetic Clinic with a Medical Professional is Essential for your Fut

Non-surgical treatments have been hitting the headlines more and more over the last few years, for the good, the bad, and the downright dangerous. As an experienced aesthetics nurse, I welcome the growth in people taking back their confidence with aesthetic treatments that truly enhance natural beauty and restore a youthful complexion. I also welcome the greater understanding given to treatments such as Botox and dermal fillers that have struggled with misconceptions from the era of ‘more is more’. Of course, there’s a big difference between encouraging these treatments to become accepted in mainstream and offering them up on the highstreet. I’m sure you will have heard about the recent developments. With the rise of highstreet and home kit treatments, I’d like to share the approach at KP Aesthetics and why it’s really important.

Know Your Options with Aesthetic Treatments

As an experienced aesthetics nurse, I am incredibly comfortable with delivering and discussing the most effective aesthetic treatments. I also ensure that my patients feel incredibly comfortable throughout their consultation and during any procedures that follow. A consultation at KP Aesthetics is discrete and a safe space to talk about what you want to achieve, address any concerns that you have, and create a bespoke treatment plan that will be best suited to your complexion and your wishes. Seeing someone with the knowledge and experience of a medical professional is really important so that you can understand exactly what the procedure will entail – and being given time to discuss options with one is equally important.

Safety First Aesthetic Treatments

Unsurprisingly, there are a number of risks when self-administering anti-wrinkle injections and dermal fillers at your home, and the risks have materialised into infections, adverse reactions, and botch jobs that are soon to be seen cropping up in our newsfeeds. The fact is, no matter how clean you keep your home, your bathroom doesn’t share the same level of hygiene as a dedicated clinic. In order to save some money, people are risking their health and the results can be devastating. At KP Aesthetics, each treatment is met with medical expertise and the utmost level of hygiene. Your care does not end once the treatment is done. I give detailed aftercare instructions and can always be contacted in case of any concerns post-treatment.

Measured Treatments for Subtle Enhancements

Now is the time for natural-looking beauty.

We are all wonderfully unique; no person’s face is exactly the same, just as no person’s fingerprint is exactly the same. Therefore no delivery of Botox or dermal fillers is exactly the same. At KP Aesthetics, you are not another number to add to the books; we take a bespoke approach to treatments and we certainly don’t do the ‘trout pout’ or ‘frozen face’. Being able to achieve that natural look means taking the time to understand your facial structures and complexion. This happens during our initial consultation where I can assess the way your face moves, naturally.

We all deserve to feel fantastic in our skin, and we all deserve the time, attention, and expertise of a dedicated medical professional. Deciding to have dermal fillers or anti-wrinkle injections is something that requires serious thought, and really not something to be done alongside shopping for your next mascara, or on a Netflix and chill night. To discuss any of the treatments available at KP Aesthetics or to book your consultation, get in touch today.


Are Social Media and Reality TV Fuelling the Rise in Aesthetic Treatments?

Whether or not you like or use social media, it cannot be denied that it has had some profoundly positive effects for self-expression, support of previously unheard voices and bringing worldwide problems into the public sphere. With that said, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in particular have been the blame bearers of online bullying, social anxiety, and a necessity to #liveyourbestlife at all times. Reality TV battles with the same problems and its lovers, haters and accidental car crash television advocates.

As a medical professional working from my aesthetics clinic in Hale, Altrincham, I am very much aware of the increasing popularity of aesthetic treatments and at the same time wonder what has sparked it. With seemingly unlimited filters and hyped-up real life, are social media and reality TV causing their audiences to turn to aesthetic treatments?

Lifestyle Influences

More and more, aspects of social media and reality TV are filtering through into our everyday life. It can influence our language as easily as our fashion choices, but research shows that it doesn’t stop there. Makeup and haircuts can become sudden trends and in recent years particular aesthetic treatments have started to trend too.

Filters, Fame and Lip Fillers – The Danger Game

We share the same online platforms as our favourite celebrities and idols. It is important to remember that when we scroll through our newsfeed, everyone on there has the same access to filters and really easy editing features – and the beauty of our best angles.

Unfortunately, this can be forgotten; vulnerable people begin to distort real life with media-made, and the results can be catastrophic. Most notably, in an attempt to copy the social media and reality TV stars, there has been a rise in home-kit lip fillers. Delivered by a medical professional, lip fillers can enhance the lips and offer a long lasting fullness. Sadly, self-injected lip fillers done at home surfaced trout pouts and painfully swollen lips, infections and allergic reactions.

How We Do it at KP Aesthetics

Aesthetic treatments can revive an ageing complexion, smooth uneven skin tone, enhance natural beauty, reduce the appearance of scars and give a real boost to patients’ confidence – when delivered by a qualified medical professional. At KP Aesthetics, your free consultation will be held privately at the clinic and will involve taking a look at your medical history and understanding exactly what you want to achieve. From there, I can tell you about which aesthetic treatments can truly support your wishes in a safe and natural-looking way. I am extremely experienced in each of the treatments I offer and can therefore answer any questions and see to any concerns you may have about particular treatments. Your safety and wellbeing are my priority.

If you are considering non-surgical aesthetic treatments to enhance your natural beauty, it is vital that you go to a qualified medical professional. To learn more about any of the treatments I can offer, take a tour of the KP aesthetics website, or get in touch today!


Eye Spy, The Best Anti-Ageing Treatments to Target Eyes

Eat well, sleep well, top up on the SPF, fulfil your daily skincare routine; there are countless things we can do to try to keep the signs of ageing at bay. However, it can seem that no matter how hard we try, and no matter how much money and faith we put into “miracle” moisturisers and serums (you can find out what science says about those in one of my previous blogs), we are still plagued by fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles and a loss of elasticity and luminosity. It seems that our eyes are most susceptible to ageing and seeing it take a hold of our complexion can be really damaging to our self-esteem. Fortunately, at KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham, we have a full range of aesthetic treatments that can encourage the production of new cells and truly promote beautifully youthful skin. Today, I want to look at the ones which are particularly effective for the eyes.

Xela Rederm Treatment

In addition to lines and wrinkles and dark circles, the area under the eyes can begin to sag and appear swollen. Xela Rederm is able to directly target these by addressing the three main causes of the visible signs of ageing; dehydration, damage by free radicals, and a decrease in collagen production.

The Xela Rederm solution is carefully delivered to the delicate eye area where its unique skin rejuvenation formula can begin to work its magic. For cynics of anti-ageing treatments it may sound like a load of mumbo jumbo – it’s not. Xela Rederm uses a combination of hyaluronic and succinic acid. These two substances which support our youthful features are produced naturally by the skin but at a decreasing rate as we age. By reintroducing them to the area around and under the eyes, Xela Rederm treatment can give long-lasting hydration, protection against free radicals and boost the production of new collagen thereby returning volume, luminosity and virtually wrinkle-free skin to the eyes.

Learn more about Xela Rederm at KP Aesthetics here.

Dermapen Treatment

Dermapen is one of the most versatile treatments available at KP Aesthetics. It is as effective on ageing skin as it is on scars since it makes use of the body’s natural healing process. Dermapen treatment is widely referred to as skin needling, which is in essence exactly what the Derma FNS Pen does. The reason Dermapen is such a great treatment to target the eyes is because the needle length can be easily changed to accommodate the more delicate skin around the eyes. Making tiny holes in the surface of the skin causes the release of growth factors – just as would happen if you had for example, punctured your finger on a pin – only much less painful. This encourages the breakdown of old collagen and the production of new collagen. The process lifts, tightens, brightens and generally rejuvenates the skin with long-lasting effects.

Learn more about Dermapen at KP Aesthetics here.

Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP; it is that infamous treatment dubbed with an equally infamous name, the Vampire Facelift. It all sounds a little too theatrical for my liking; however the results certainly have a wow-factor. Platelet rich plasma involves taking a small sample of blood – as you would at your GP’s – and then separating it in a centrifuge into red blood cells and plasma. The gel-like plasma, rich in those all-important growth factors, is the injected into area around the eyes. Hello, new tissue cells and collagen; hello, firm and revitalised skin.

Learn more about Platelet Rich Plasma at KP Aesthetics here.

Dermal Fillers

One of the most popular treatments at KP Aesthetics also happens to be super effective

on ageing eyes. Dermal fillers, delivered carefully to the area around the eyes such as those hollows that typically appear as we age, can gently return long-lasting volume and firmness. Like Xela Rederm, dermal fillers contain Hyaluronic acid, so offer beautifully natural-looking results.

Learn more about dermal fillers here.

There you have it; four of the most effective aesthetic treatments for the eyes. If you would like to know more about a particular treatment, or want to book your free consultation, please do get in touch.


4 Outrageous Beauty and Aesthetics Treatments Trending with Celebrities

Celebrities are often hailed for their celestial beauty. Untouched by dark circles under the eyes, dulled skin, and lines and wrinkles that we mere mortals are plagued with, for the most part they may continue to live their lives with all the grace and beauty that the rest of us dream of. Of course, whilst some may be held as gods and goddesses of the screens and magazines, they too are only human. So what’s their secret?

At KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham, I deliver the most-effective and innovative aesthetic treatments to my wonderful patients with wonderful results. However, my treatments are the more conventional, and widely recognised for revitalising, rejuvenating, and reforming the skin, such as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers, and Dermapen. These are still favourites of the stars, but celebrities are also renowned for their experimentation with beauty treatments; the extreme, the unconventional, and the downright outrageous. We take a look at 4 of the most absurd here.

Going for Gold – The 24-Carat Facial

This is one of the luxury beauty treatments that have been in the media and all over Instagram for some time. In fact, gold has been used for beauty and medicinal purposes for thousands of years, particularly in India, China, and the Far East. This very indulgent facial, reported to cost up to $7000 is supposed to tackle age spots, sun damage, inflammation, as well as fine lines and wrinkles. The gold contents are an anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory but no more so than other, less blingy, less expensive, elements. The general consensus is that the masks work for an immediate tightness but certainly not a lasting effect. If you are looking for long lasting tightness, brightness, and beautifully even skin, you may wish to try Dermapen treatments at KP Aesthetics instead.

Snail Slime for Sublime Skin

The idea is that snail slime contains collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid, peptides, anti-oxidants and the likes – in short, all of the buzzwords we are told to look out for to keep our skin smooth, plumped and youthful. Whilst many celebs, including Katie Holmes, swear by snail powers, science says there’s no hard evidence that the application of this slime to the skin will have the effects that we want. If you dream of definition, plumper and tighter skin for a youthful complexion, dermal filler treatments at KP Aesthetics do have scientific evidence fully in support of the lasting effects.

Eye Spy Haemorrhoid Cream

Here’s another unusual one; cream that would ordinarily be used for – the lower regions – is now being used to reduce puffiness and wrinkles around the eyes. Kim Kardashian and Sandra Bullock are just two of the celebrities looking to tackle the visible signs of ageing with the medicinal cream. Though the initial effectiveness is promising, delivering tighter skin and reduced puffiness around the eyes, studies have shown that prolonged use of haemorrhoid cream can weaken the delicate skin and therefore become more prone to sun damage, swelling, and wrinkles. Where lines and wrinkles and bags around the eyes are damaging your confidence, Xela Rederm treatment may be a better option. Specifically designed to target the delicate area around the eyes, the Xela Rederm solution made up of hyaluronic acid and succinic acid work together to hydrate the skin, whilst promoting the production of collagen and elastin.

Beckham’s Bird Poo Facials

It may not be the first thing we think of for glowing and hydrated skin, but Victoria Beckham is by no means the only celeb to use bird poo in her beauty regime. Ground into a fine powder and mixed with water to form a paste, the nightingale faeces is high in urea, which works to lock moisture in the skin, and guanine, which supposedly tightens and brightens for a smooth and even skin tone. The nightingales are now protected and their droppings are no longer allowed to be collected meaning that supplies are diminishing. At KP Aesthetics, we don’t do the bird poo. However, I do offer a large range of ZO products that are prescription strength and specifically designed to combat problem skin, uneven skin tones, and the visible signs of ageing.

We may not share the lifestyles of the celebrities, or their go-to beauty regimes, but we can have our share of beautiful skin and lashings of confidence with the treatments available at KP Aesthetics. If you would like to discuss a skin problem, or learn more about particular treatments, get in touch today.


Move Over Ladies; Here are the Aesthetic Treatments Most Loved by Men

Beauty, skin care, looking and feeling good; these are not things reserved for only the women of the world. All around the globe we are seeing a rise in the attention that men are giving to their appearance without the accusations of being ‘overly-feminine’, ‘a bit girly’, or ‘not manly enough’. I think that is something to celebrate. From KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham, I have welcomed the rise in men coming to me to give their complexions a boost of youth and their skin some tender loving care. After all, lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, sagging skin and loss of definition are not only the ailments of those carrying the XX chromosome. Here I want to share some of the most popular aesthetic treatments for men right now and why you should consider booking your free consultation today.

Laser Hair Removal

We all grow hair, some more than others, and sometimes in places we would rather it was not. Millions of men are getting rid of their unwanted hair in the most effective way – laser hair removal. Rather than suffering the sting of wax strips, laser hair removal at KP Aesthetics is pain-free and extremely effective on even thick, dark hair. Using Soprano Ice Platinum, the best and most innovative laser hair removal machine, I can easily target small and delicate areas such as the ears and nose, as well as large areas like the back and chest with the same accuracy and precision.

You can learn more about Laser Hair Removal at KP Aesthetics here.

Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment

From too much hair to yearning for more; introducing PRP for hair loss treatment.

For many men, and women, the loss and thinning of hair represents a loss of our youth and understandably it can also cause us to lose our confidence. Since hair loss is a great worry for men, it is unsurprising that hair loss treatments for men are well and truly on the up, and PRP is certainly one of the most popular and effective.

You may or may not have heard the term ‘vampire facelift’, but treating hair loss with PRP uses the same science as revitalises and tightens the skin – and the results for hair loss are transformative. By injecting platelet rich plasma into the hair line and scalp stimulates the functioning of hair follicles and supports the growth of new hair.

You can learn more about PRP at KP Aesthetics here.

Botox and Dermal Fillers

Delivering one or the other or both, Botox and dermal fillers for men are becoming more popular every month at KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham.

Lines and wrinkles, loss of luminosity and elasticity, loss of definition to the jawline and cheek bones are all typically the visible signs of ageing – but certainly not something we need to settle for. For many men whose workplace is becoming increasingly populated by young university graduates, staying ahead of the game means staying sharp – mentally, physically, and aesthetically. Botox and dermal fillers can definitely help with the latter, proven by their rising demand. When carried out by a medical professional, Botox is not the frozen-faced treatment that it is so often accused of. At KP Aesthetics, I ensure that every treatment looks natural, whether using dermal fillers to return definition to the jawline, volume to the cheeks, and fill in fine lines, or Botox to prevent the formation of those fine lines and wrinkles.

You can learn more about Botox at KP Aesthetics here, or read about dermal fillers here.

Looking and feeling fantastic is something that everyone deserves, no matter the gender. To discuss the aesthetic treatments available at KP Aesthetics, please do get in touch for a free consultation.


Oily Skin, Acne, Shaving Rash and Hyperpigmentation: Don’t Settle for Summer Skin Problems

Oh summer, how we love you so. We Brits especially appreciate the prolonged sunshine, not needing to take 10 layers and an umbrella in case of sudden drops in temperature and downpours, and benefiting from a season that is usually synonymous with holidays. However, there is a dark side to the summer months, and it tends to target our skin health. As an aesthetics nurse, I always see an increase in patients coming to KP Aesthetics in Hale, Cheshire, who are looking to combat the problems that the summer poses for their skin. I am a firm believer that everyone deserves to feel fabulous in their skin all year round. With that in mind, I want to share some of the most frequent summer skin problems and what we can do to prevent, control, and repair them.

So Long Oily Skin and Acne

For those of us who suffer from oily skin and acne, summer is typically a time for breakouts and an increase in oiliness. In the season to bare all, we find ourselves wanting to cover up and feeling more self-conscious than ever. The reason for the increase in oiliness is in part due to excess sweating and heavy sun creams which for people with acne-prone skin, this mix on top of daytime bacteria works to clog the pores and cause breakouts.

It may seem like the best solution is to use a harsh cleaner, alcohol-based toner, or even skimp on the sun cream. THIS IS A MISTAKE. Whilst they will give an instant oil-free feel, they are particularly dehydrating which not only puts your skin at great risk of sun damage, it also puts your oil-producing glands into overdrive to compensate for the dryness. Gentle exfoliation, an oil-free cleanser, and in cases of acne, an anti-bacterial cleanser will help keep you, and your skin, happy.

At KP Aesthetics, I often suggest that my patients use ZO Skincare products to manage and maintain healthy, balanced skin. With prescription strength, the products are super-effective and target a range of skin types. You can learn more about ZO here.

Shaving Rash

When the sun is out, we often have our legs out too, which means that most of us will up our normal amount of shaving. Not only can this lead to ingrown hairs, it will often see some inflammation and swelling as well as the dreaded itch. The fix is pretty simple, make sure that the skin is really lubricated and conditioned before you shave. Exfoliation will also help to keep the ingrown hairs to a minimum.

Of course, there’s a permanent solution for long-lasting smooth skin. We have recently introduced it at KP Aesthetics and the results have been fantastic. Laser hair removal is the answer to irritated shaving rashes, and the pain of the waxing strip. We have installed to most innovative and effective laser hair removal machine – Soprano Ice Platinum. You can learn more about laser hair removal at KP Aesthetics here.

Uneven Skin Tone and Hyperpigmentation

The feel of sun on our face is fabulous, but it comes with its fair share of problems. When we’re not worrying about premature ageing, some of us are battling an uneven skin tone and hyperpigmentation. This is because the UV rays are responsible for the production of melanin, and heat alone is a known trigger for hyperpigmentation. There are a number of things we can do to promote an even skin tone. The first is an obvious one – keep on top of your SPF. Expert dermatologists suggest a minimum SPF 30. Keeping cool and hydrated will also help to control flare ups. You should also regularly exfoliate the skin. It may seem counter-productive since the skin is already particularly sensitive, but gentle exfoliation will help to break up the pigmented cells and give an overall more even skin tone.

If pigmentation is really kicking at your confidence, I also deliver a specially formulated chemical peel – The Perfect Peel – which really helps to even out patches of pigmentation. Certain ZO products are also really effective in achieving and maintaining beautifully even skin.

So there we have it, some of our most popular summer skin problems sorted! If you would like to find out more about the treatments and products available at KP Aesthetics, please do get in touch for a free consultation. In the meantime, here’s to the summer!