Are Social Media and Reality TV Fuelling the Rise in Aesthetic Treatments?

Whether or not you like or use social media, it cannot be denied that it has had some profoundly positive effects for self-expression, support of previously unheard voices and bringing worldwide problems into the public sphere. With that said, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat in particular have been the blame bearers of online bullying, social anxiety, and a necessity to #liveyourbestlife at all times. Reality TV battles with the same problems and its lovers, haters and accidental car crash television advocates.

As a medical professional working from my aesthetics clinic in Hale, Altrincham, I am very much aware of the increasing popularity of aesthetic treatments and at the same time wonder what has sparked it. With seemingly unlimited filters and hyped-up real life, are social media and reality TV causing their audiences to turn to aesthetic treatments?

Lifestyle Influences

More and more, aspects of social media and reality TV are filtering through into our everyday life. It can influence our language as easily as our fashion choices, but research shows that it doesn’t stop there. Makeup and haircuts can become sudden trends and in recent years particular aesthetic treatments have started to trend too.

Filters, Fame and Lip Fillers – The Danger Game

We share the same online platforms as our favourite celebrities and idols. It is important to remember that when we scroll through our newsfeed, everyone on there has the same access to filters and really easy editing features – and the beauty of our best angles.

Unfortunately, this can be forgotten; vulnerable people begin to distort real life with media-made, and the results can be catastrophic. Most notably, in an attempt to copy the social media and reality TV stars, there has been a rise in home-kit lip fillers. Delivered by a medical professional, lip fillers can enhance the lips and offer a long lasting fullness. Sadly, self-injected lip fillers done at home surfaced trout pouts and painfully swollen lips, infections and allergic reactions.

How We Do it at KP Aesthetics

Aesthetic treatments can revive an ageing complexion, smooth uneven skin tone, enhance natural beauty, reduce the appearance of scars and give a real boost to patients’ confidence – when delivered by a qualified medical professional. At KP Aesthetics, your free consultation will be held privately at the clinic and will involve taking a look at your medical history and understanding exactly what you want to achieve. From there, I can tell you about which aesthetic treatments can truly support your wishes in a safe and natural-looking way. I am extremely experienced in each of the treatments I offer and can therefore answer any questions and see to any concerns you may have about particular treatments. Your safety and wellbeing are my priority.

If you are considering non-surgical aesthetic treatments to enhance your natural beauty, it is vital that you go to a qualified medical professional. To learn more about any of the treatments I can offer, take a tour of the KP aesthetics website, or get in touch today!