Dream a Little Dream of Dermal Fillers: Here’s What You Need to Know

Queen asked ‘who wants to live forever?’, maybe not that many of us, but if we asked instead, who wants to keep their youthful complexion for as long as they live, everyone’s hand would go up. As well as anti-wrinkle injections, dermal fillers are one of the most-loved treatments for my patients at KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham. That is because they are a safe and effective treatment for revitalising and remodelling the skin. Whilst Botox is deemed the most popular and renowned anti-ageing treatment, dermal fillers used alongside Botox or independently are gathering the attention they deserve for their incredible results.

Before going ahead with any aesthetic treatment, there are understandably many queries and concerns which as an aesthetic nurse, experienced in the delivery of dermal fillers, I hope to answer for you here.

Why Are Dermal Fillers so Popular?

The wonderful thing about dermal fillers is that they are available to anyone. Of any skin type and any age, men and women are looking to dermal fillers to restore confidence and create beautiful and smooth complexions.

Whether or not we wish to accept it, the natural ageing process is something that each of us will experience – men and women. Of course for many of us, when those signs of ageing become visible by way of lines and wrinkles, a loss of elasticity and firmness, and hollows under the eyes, it can be really damaging to our self-esteem. Dermal fillers are able to provide long-term reversal of these effects whilst looking really natural with consideration of the face-on look in addition to the profile.

For some, dermal fillers offer the opportunity to rebalance the facial structures for the patient’s desired appearance. For example, I regularly deliver lip fillers to a number of patients who have dreamt of the perfect pout, and distribute the dermal filler solution to patients’ chin and jawline areas to achieve a more defined look.

How do Dermal Fillers Work?

Most dermal fillers contain a substance called Hyaluronic acid which the body naturally produces but is lost as we age. Hyaluronic acid is what gives a youthful plumpness and elasticity to our skin. By reintroducing the hyaluronic acid to the treatment areas, it can effectively reduce the appearance of wrinkles, create contour and definition, and add volume to the skin.

What Happens During Dermal Filler Treatment at KP Aesthetics?

Before any treatment at KP Aesthetics, we will have a consultation. In the consultation we will discuss your medical history and chat about what you are hoping to achieve and which aesthetic treatments I can offer which will most naturally deliver those results. Of course, it’s important to understand that whilst dermal fillers are very effective, they cannot transform your skin from 80 to 18 years old. I will also answer all of your questions and give you a run-through of the treatment process.

The dermal filler treatment itself will begin with another run-through of the treatment and go over any final concerns to ensure that you feel absolutely at ease. I will apply an anaesthetic topical cream to the treatment area to reduce any discomfort during the delivery of the dermal filler solution. You can expect some minor swelling, redness or bruising on the treatment area; otherwise, there is no downtime so you can immediately continue about your day as you would ordinarily – only feeling more fantastic.

If you are considering dermal fillers, get in touch with KP Aesthetics, or visit our dedicated dermal fillers page for more information.