How to Keep Your Hands Looking Youthful for Longer

We all know how to take good care of our faces to keep the signs of ageing at bay, but it is easy to forget about our hands. Our hands go through a lot on a daily basis, and often it is our hands which reveal our true age.

Many aesthetic treatments that are used on the face can be used on the hands as well to improve the tone, texture and appearance of your skin. Prevention is always better than cure though, so give my top tips a go to keep your hands looking youthful for longer.

Use Sunscreen

Sun damage is one of the leading causes of premature ageing. Most people recognise the benefits of using an SPF product on their faces, but your hands need to be protected from the sun as well. Even when it isn’t sunny outside, UV radiation from the sun could still be damaging your skin.

Excess exposure to the sun’s UV rays can cause dark spots and uneven skin tone to develop, and this is often particularly noticeable on the hands. To reduce the risk of sun damage on your hands, use a broad-spectrum, high SPF sunscreen every day and remember to reapply sunscreen after washing your hands.

Don’t Forget to Moisturise

Regular hand washing, use of harsh soaps and detergents, and exposure to the elements mean our hands dry out much more frequently than other areas of skin. When your skin lacks moisture, it will look less firm, and lines and wrinkles will be more noticeable. On the hands, this often means that veins will become more visible and skin can appear crepey.

Moisturising regularly will help your skin stay hydrated, and looking firm and plump. Try to wear gloves when washing dishes or when exposed to cold, wet weather to reduce the risk of your skin drying out, and use a good hand cream after your hands are exposed to water.

Exfoliate Regularly

Just as you would exfoliate your face, regularly exfoliating your hands helps to give your skin a youthful appearance. Exfoliation promotes the cell renewal process by removing layers of dead, dull skin, and revealing a layer of new, healthy skin cells. Frequently using a gentle exfoliating product on your hands will improve the texture and tone of the skin, making it appear smoother, softer and more radiant.

Follow a Healthy Lifestyle

Living a healthy lifestyle helps damaged cells to repair themselves, which can reduce the signs of ageing on the skin. Alcohol, sugar and salt can all interfere with the cell renewal process, causing skin to appear dull and lines and wrinkles to appear more prominent.

Limiting your intake of these things and following a balanced diet will give your skin a good chance of repairing itself and appearing youthful for longer. In addition, drinking plenty of water will help keep your skin hydrated, which will make it appear firmer and reduce the appearance of lines and wrinkles.

Harsh temperatures at this time of year can cause the skin on our hands to dry out and appear less youthful. In addition to these four tips you can try to restore youthful looking skin, there are many different aesthetic treatments available to reduce the appearance of the signs of ageing on your hands. Book your consultation today to discuss the best treatment options for you!