Say Goodbye to Hair Loss and Hair Thinning with PRP Treatment at KP Aesthetics

Platelet-Rich Plasma Treatment has been popular for some time with our favourite celebrities but in recent years has become available to us mortals who are arguably more deserving of the youth-inducing, revitalising effects of the “vampire facelift”. Nicknamed as such because a small amount of the patient’s blood is put into a centrifuge to separate it into red blood cells and blood plasma – the latter is injected back into the skin. I’ve always found the nickname a little intimidating, when in truth the PRP treatment is a safe and super-effective way of restoring a natural-looking youthfulness in the form of firmer, smoother, glowing and overall revitalised skin.

All of my clients at KP Aesthetics in Hale, Altrincham, who have tried the PRP treatment, have left the clinic feeling fresh and fabulous with their rejuvenated appearance. However, that isn’t the only use of PRP treatment. As well as the appearance of lines and wrinkles and loss of luminosity and volume, the ageing process can affect our hair equally, causing thinning and hair loss. For men and women alike, hair loss can be very damaging to their confidence. PRP has incredible restorative effects which I want to tell you all about now!

The Science Behind PRP Treatment for Hair Loss

Drawing the blood as in a blood test and separating it into the two main components leaves us one part blood plasma. This is the part that interests us. The plasma is made up of white blood cells and platelets which are rich in growth factors. The presence of these growth factors acts as a sort of messaging system, signalling for cells to function. Reintroducing the blood plasma to the scalp area stimulates the function of hair follicles and promotes new hair growth.

What to Expect from PRP Treatment

The procedure begins with a consultation to answer any final questions and put the patient at absolute ease. We then go on as in a blood test, then the sample is placed in the centrifuge, and then the blood plasma is transferred directly into the hair follicles of the scalp where hair loss/thinning has occurred via a micro-needle. The pain is minimal with an anaesthetic cream provided but there is no need for topical cream since the U225 gun – the needling appliance – is particularly gentle and causes minimal swelling. As the process involves injecting your own blood plasma back into your body, the procedure is incredibly safe and offers no risk or rejection or allergic reaction.

The Results of PRP Treatment

One treatment will make a difference, but consistency is best. A course of PRP treatment for hair loss will see patients notice initially a decrease in hair shedding, followed by early hair regrowth (baby hairs) and quickly, an increased length and volume of hair. Oh, and patients will probably notice a significant boost in confidence and a desire to show off their newly luscious locks!

If you hair loss is hampering your self-esteem, KP Aesthetics is here to help you on your journey back to hair heaven. To find out more information, or to book your first session, please get in touch for your free consultation.