Why We’re Happy to Make Way for Male Aesthetic Treatments

Fine lines and wrinkles, thinning hair, darkness around the eyes and loss of volume are just some of the most common visible signs of ageing – and guess what – there’s no gender distinction here. The stress, the sagging skin, it makes no difference whether we are sporting the XY or XX chromosome, so it shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to ridding the wrinkles either. With the rise of social media, and social expectations, we have come to consider our complexion with more scrutiny than in previous years and with that there has been a rise in the aesthetic treatments created to combat our imperfections.

At my aesthetics clinic in Hale, Altrincham, I am thrilled to have more and more clients coming through the doors and leaving a little later with big smiles and a boosted confidence. I am even more excited to offer my range of aesthetic treatments to an ever-growing pool of men looking to stay sharp, suave, and supple. Here I share why male treatments are trending, and why you should feel proud to make your first appointment.

Aesthetic Treatments to Keep On-Point, Professionally and Personally

Aesthetics is often tied to beauty, and beauty is often associated with femininity, but there is nothing gendered about wanting to be presentable in our professional and personal life. Whether you are walking into an important meeting with a clean shave, fresh eyes and flawless skin, sliding into a first date looking as sharp as a newly ironed shirt, or stepping into the gym ready to smash your workout and get the gains that your cool complexion deserves, aesthetic treatments are advancing the potential of men everywhere.

Maximum Discretion with Minimum Recovery Time

Unlike going under the knife, non-surgical cosmetic treatments do not require months on the waiting list, enormous costs, hours of sedation, or weeks for recovery. In fact, it is pretty much at the opposite end of that spectrum. Whether you are interested in Dermal Fillers to smooth out the skin and restore volume, or Dermapen treatment for reducing the appearance of suborn acne scars, or anti-wrinkle injections, laser hair removal, (the list goes on!), you can expect minimal down time and little to no side-effects. Realistically, the only comments from friends and colleagues not in the know will be that you have spent a bit of time in the sun and awe at the good it has done you.

A Proactive Approach to Appearance is Endearing

Men taking interest in their appearance is on the rise. Men’s mags and supermarket aisles are brimming with grooming products, targeted moisturisers and shampoos, protein tubs and a wealth of other supplements all with the role to enhance the overall appearance and the resulting feeling. Far from putting off women looking for the prehistoric idea of a ‘man’s man’, there is a respect and enticement for a man who is willing to put some time into his look.

Aesthetic Treatments for an Always Good Hair Day

It isn’t all about the skin. Some people are able to embrace balding with grace, but for many, the dreaded thinning of hair and eventual creeping bald patch can be incredibly damaging to the self-esteem. It may be down to genetics or indeed to stress; either way, there is no strength in suffering in silence. The Answer? It certainly isn’t a wig, or the comical top piece, nor is it the infamous Trump comb-over. With men and women alike, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment is having incredible effects not only for ridding the fine lines and wrinkles, but for stimulating stunning hair growth. Another non-invasive procedure, the treatment uses the patient’s own blood plasma (taken as in a blood test and passed through a centrifuge), injected into the scalp to promote collagen production and tissue growth. For more details, you can get in touch, or take a look on our dedicated page and at our associated articles.

At KP Aesthetics, I am driven to make patients feel entirely at ease for their aesthetic treatment. Our free one-on-one consultation is held with the utmost sensitivity for those wanting to keep their treatment under wraps. To find out more about the treatments available visit our website or get in touch to talk about what treatments will work best for you and when you want to get started!